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Welcome to Vanquin Construction

Easy to customizeVanquin is a young dynamic organization that blends experience with innovation, providing a professional service to the Construction Industry. Over its life cycle, Vanquin has earned recognition within its industry and the greater London metropolitan area, providing its customers with services ranging from Pre-Construction Operations, Demolition Services, Civil Engineering, Groundwork and Concrete Frames Services. As a construction contractor, Vanquin’s consultancy begins with the inception of the project to its completion. We provide services unmatched by other construction companies in the UK. From planning to construction, our management team and employees act as a team. This team approach provides our customers with a unique and highly personalized level of commitment. This, in turn, satisfies both the needs and expectations of our clients whilst providing them a superior level of attention.

Vanquin’s services begin with our Pre-Construction Operations. Our pre-construction service surpasses those of our competitors and includes a comprehensive study of the project’s cost and feasibility. These services result in an accurate evaluation of the project’s constructability and efficiency. Vanquin is involved from the earliest stages of the project in order to mitigate costs and assure an outcome that is both advantageous to its clients and their customers. Our adherence to risk analysis and safety guarantees against unforeseen shortfalls in budget and in deadlines. By mitigating costs, Vanquin is able to provide its clients with reliable cost planning.

Vanquin is able to meet its clients’ expections by utilizing superior project management unmatched by other construction companies. With proven techniques in balancing the project’s cost, scope and schedule, Vanquin is able to guarantee quality.

As one of the experienced Construction Companies in the UK, we offer a level of service to the Commercial, Retail, Residential, Education and Health Sectors. We are able to manage complex projects amongst a diverse range of clientele. Their needs vary in complexity and breadth. By limiting our projects to the greater metropolitan area, we have positioned ourselves to be one of the premier Construction Companies in the UK. By limiting the scope of our projects, we our best positioned to leverage our experience, management and personnel to provide our clients with the very best of customer service. As a premier end-provider our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in performance, safety and cost efficiencies. Our aim is to improve the effectiveness of the supply chain by bringing certainty to your projects’ costs, safety and quality.

Vanquin provides clients with its extensive experience in management of projects with individual values of up to £ 5 million. Focusing on ventures valued between £ 50,000 and £5 million allows Vanquin to provide its customers the attention each deserves. Whether you are located in Cambridge or Brighton, Canterbury or Oxford or in London herself, you should contact Vanquin Construction to meet your construction or contracting needs.