Concrete Frames

Concrete Frames this is our main area of expertise from our highly trained planning team to our highly skilled labor force. Vanquin Construction self-executes the majority of works.

Our key areas of expertise include construction of reinforced concrete sub and super structure frames, post tensioned concrete, and composite construction. Concrete framing is a common element in modern buildings. The size of the framing can be tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether our designs call for flooring or ceiling, Vanquin is able to provide the precise material our designs require. Whilst we utilize thicker concrete framing for flooring and ceiling, we utilize thinner material for exterior paving. Vanquin’s material may be used as applications in commercial construction as ground flooring supported by poured foundations or directly on the subsoil. Its applicability in high rise buildings includes framing reinforced with steel to form both floors and ceilings.

Concrete is commonly used by framework contractors for several reasons. Concrete frame companies have found that concrete designs have improved strength-to-weight ratio. As important, the material is a thermal regulator. If our designs require, our concrete framework can be manufactured and reinforced on site or prefabricated and delivered. Production on site reduces costs for both the material and eliminates the costs of transporting the concrete to the project’s locale. Concrete also has a contemporary feel that most of our clients’ associate with modern construction.

Vanquin Construction offers a complete service from pre-tender budgets, to advanced value engineering and programming. Our team balances your financial needs and budgetary concerns with an innovative design tailored to fit our clients’ expectations whilst staying within their budgets. Vanquin has the experience needed to compete with other small to mid-size concrete contractors in London area.

This value engineering approach extends from conversion of existing structures to reinforced concrete and overall resolution of the appropriate constructions. We ensure best value and program delivery, by having our own purchasing department and our own team on each job we undertake. We also provide a full in-house service to our clients, from demolition to superstructure construction. Most residential, commercial and hotel projects are built on reinforced concrete frames and Vanquin Construction has a proven track record in achieving best value for our clients again and again. The chosen solution will be based on the architectural requirements which determine the floor layout and jump form techniques for core construction. Unlike residential housing, commercial projects benefit from concrete framing in both its ability to bare weight and in cost efficiencies. Concrete is completely scalable. Your unique project will determine its application. Concrete is the most common material used in commercial construction and Vanquin has the experience necessary to deliver.

Vanquin Construction is also able to provide a full range of concrete finishes from; basis, as struck, power floated (including a variety of architectural works) to board finishes.

Vanquin Construction is one of the pre-eminent concrete frame contractors in Southern England and we are able to deliver the design, cost efficiencies and scalability your project and our clients require and demand. Post construction, our firm is able to provide preventive maintenance on site.

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