Vanquin Construction is able provide all aspects of site construction in the greater London metropolitan area. Our projects vary in size and technical requirements. Depending upon your needs, we are able to adjust our functions within your project needs. As such we are able to fill every need and function our clients require. Our clients are more often than not commercial entities requiring a level of professional service only Vanquin Construction is able to provide. Though we would rather handle complete construction of your project we are able to scale our services down to meet your and your customers’ needs. Whether your requirements are temporary or permanent in nature, we are able to contribute to your project. Our groundwork contractor services are able to meet your project needs.

Due to our industry experience we our able to provide our clients with the very basic in site construction. From obtaining public approvals and meeting budgetary constraints, we are able to manage your groundwork project. We want to provide our clients with a quality product and are able to do so with our industry leading experience, customer service and resources. We will meet your expectations and both design and implementation.

With our competitive bidding, Vanquin is able to control costs and deliver a quality foundation for your project. Vanquin Construction will start your project on the solid footing it deserves and we will be there at the initial bidding until the project is completed. Here at Vanquin Construction we pride ourselves on our groundwork’s expertise meaning no matter how big or small your project Vanquin Construction is ready to enhance our excellent reputation and help you complete your project. As groundwork contractors we are able to provide the very basic in construction services. As CHAS Accredited, Vanquin Construction has met the very strict standards as set forth by the Local Authority Health and Safety and Procurement Professionals and the Health and Safety Executive. This accreditation for Health and Safety is a milestone for Vanquin and a difficult award to come by with only 1 in 5 small to medium size construction companies achieving such a designation.

We are able to offer generalized groundwork services to our clients. This includes foundational work as well as concrete and cement application. We offer a complete range of Groundwork which includes:

• Groundwork
• Basements & Temporary Works
• Substructures & Foundations
• Drainage and Services
• External Works
• Road Schemes
• Traffic Management

Providing our customers with excellent service leads to a quality product. There are obviously many choices and options when it comes to groundwork contractors in London. We want you to choose Vanquin Construction Company . Contact Us @ 0845 468 1022

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