Civil Engineering

Vanquin Construction is one of London’s preeminent civil engineering contractors. As such we are problem solvers. We are able to incorporate the demands of the environment into our designs and solve technical engineering problems with skill and imagination. Having a diverse clientele has given Vanquin the experience and customer contacts it needs to tackle some of the most demanding engineering challenges in the industry. Construction companies in London often experience the same challenges in their designs. In order to meet those challenges, Vanquin and its civil engineering contractors combine the skill-sets of both civil engineers and construction management. Our engineers strive to lower costs, deliver on time and provide a superior product to other construction companies in London.

We combine the newest technologies with an eye always to the future. By instituting quality controls and keeping abreast of cutting edge construction techniques and materials, Vanquin is able to deliver. No matter the industry, Commercial, Retail, Residential, Education or Health Sectors, Vanquin is able to deliver. We are able to provide engineering, design and construction services across industries and locations whilst being fully scalable. Vanquin Construction uses foundation piling which is a type of support for a building or other structure and can be made from a variety of different materials such as steel, wood, concrete or even a combination of different materials. Pile driving is a superior construction technique due to the fact that it compresses the soil around the piles and increases their load bearing capacity whilst increasing the friction against the piles. Foundation piling is designed to distribute the weight of the element evenly. Whether using a pile cap or monopole foundation (using a single foundation pile), Vanquin is able to deliver to its clients’ needs. Foundation piling provides stability so it needs to be incredible sturdy so it can cope with extreme weight and pressure.

Vanquin Construction recognizes that London is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and with the cost of land in the south east we realize that in certain situations the only viable option for our clients is to build underground. We have a highly trained team in place to undertake any contract where underground engineering is needed. Our team is proficient in both design and techniques. Vanquin’s designs stay within the building’s requirements and design functions.

Vanquin Construction is well positioned amongst London’s civil engineering contractors to provide a singular solution to its customers. No matter the demands, we are proficient at project and time management. Our designs meet the regulations of the municipal government for the City of London, whilst adhering to strict and time-sensitive schedules in order to create quality for both private and public organizations. Vanquin Construction and its civil engineering employees minimize risk and costs and maximize efficiencies.

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