Vanquin London based demolition company :  demolishes structures with the kind of precision and planning usually associated with their creation. Each project is handled by our team of experts, drawing on backgrounds in environmental remediation, and engineering, dismantling traditional demolition, material handling and the latest technology to guarantee complete predictability.

Façade retention is the removal and renewal of buildings innards – internal walls, floors and columns etc whilst retaining the outer skin of the building.  Buildings with listed status, are given a new lease of life without damaging the parts with a listed status, we can assist developers with a highly trained demolition team.

Vanquin construction is one of the Demolition Companies who offers Robotic Controlled Demolition using Brokk machines that can be controlled from up to 50 metres away. Perfect for sensitive or dangerous locations, can be driven upstairs and will fit through a standard doorway.

Don't wait give a call to Demolition Contractors London  for High quality demolition services in London

Vanquin Demolition Contractors London


Phone: +44 (0)844 7362599 



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